How Best Employer Certification Is Done.

Employee Engagement Survey

Employee Engagement is defined as a heightened emotional connection that an employee feels for his or her organisation that influences him or her to exert greater discretionary effort to his or her work. At least 50% of your employees (minimum sample) must participate in the Employee Engagement Survey. All participants will receive a comprehensive Employee Engagement report. The Employee Engagement Survey will help you to come up with action plans to deal with issues raised, address areas of concern and build on areas of strength.

HR Audit

Participating organisations will have their human resources practices audited using the Human Resources Management Practices Framework. The resultant HR practices rating will be used to calculate. A Human Resource Audit is a comprehensive method of objective and systematic verification of current practices, documentation, policies and procedures prevalent in the HR system of the organisation. An effective HR audit helps in identifying the need for improvement and enhancement of the HR function.

Judges Adjudication

A panel of distinguished judges will evaluate the following:

  1. The process used to determine the Employee Engagement Score and its alignment to best practice.
  2. The process used to determine the Human Resources Management Practices Score and its alignment to best practice.
  3. Publicity around the company in the past 12 months.
  4. Corporate social responsibility activities of the company in the past 12 months.
  5. Financial performance for the company for last financial year.

Why it matters to be the best employer?

"A great company culture is based upon positive relationships with colleagues, managers and company’s leaders."

  • Being a best employer should be of concern to every organisation. Building a good employer brand ensures that the organisation will be able to attract and retain competent employees. With unprecedented staff turnover and brain drain it is imperative for organisations to create an environment that allows employees to be engaged in their work. Organisations need to take a deliberate effort to design and implement people friendly policies and programs to enable employees to be productive.

  • Best Employers have so many things in common: corporate cultures that understand the needs of employees and that give them the tools to succeed. It means recognizing the hard work that people do and thanking them for taking that extra step. It means treating workers as valued partners and not as cogs in a machine. These are companies that strive to provide superior benefits, packages and comfortable working environments.

  • Corporate cultures that understand the needs of employees and that give them the tools to succeed. It means rec>A positive employer brand can be a way of differentiating one organisation from another and a way of attracting and retaining employees. There are some organisations that are known to be people unfriendly and such organisations find it hard to attract people into their organisations. Remember your employees market your employer brand and if these employees are not happy working for you, they spread the message that you are not a good employer.

  • While other organisations attract large numbers of applications whenever they advertise, others hardly get any. In order to be the best employer, Human Resources (HR) Practitioners need to get senior executives in the organisation to support best HR practices. How your managers support and manage employees has a bearing on whether employees remain engaged in their work or not. Employees who are engaged in their work are the best ambassadors for your brand.

Certification & Awards Categories


All participants who receive a minimum aggregate score of 70% from the Employee Engagement, Human Resources Practices Audit and Judges Adjudication shall be certified as best employers and awarded their certification at a prestigious awards ceremony. Certified Best Employers shall be entitled to multiple benefits.

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Awards Categories

Organisations that have been certified as Best Employers automatically qualify for awards. To win the sector award, a participant must have the highest aggregate score. The following awards are available:

  1. Best Employer - Private Sector
  2. Best Employer - NGO Sector
  3. Best Employer - Quasi-Government/ Parastatal
  4. Best Employer - Small-Medium Enterprise

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